Aphelinid and Trichogrammatid Symposium

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Systematics and Biology of Aphelinidae and Trichogrammatidae

University of California, Riverside
June 18-19, 2001

Organizers: John Heraty and John Pinto

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Trichogrammatidae and Aphelinidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) are minute
wasps parasitizing scale insects, whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers,
Lepidoptera, and several other groups of insects. For biological control
purposes, these wasps rank among the top ten most important taxa. While
Trichogrammatidae are important for augmentative control programs,
Aphelinidae are primarily used for classical biological control involving
importation, release and establishment against such pests as olive scale,
citrus blackfly and purple scale, to name a few. The taxonomic diversity
and relationships of both groups are poorly understood. Trichogrammatidae
are represented by 75 genera and 675 valid species, and Aphelinidae have 38
genera and more than 975 valid species. However, little is known about
species of either family in most habitats. Knowledge is especially poor in
tropical regions, where, it has been suggested, microparasitic wasps
attacking early or cryptic life stages may be the dominant fauna. Both
families exhibit peculiarities in behaviour associated with host choice,
competition and sex ratio distortion, which have made them model organisms
for numerous studies.

The symposium will bring together more than 20 of the world's leading
systematists, behaviorists and biological control specialists from China,
India, England, Europe, Canada and the USA. The meeting will promote an
exchange of ideas across disciplines, stimulate greater interaction among
participants, and perhaps most importantly, provide a single venue for
training students from various disciplines interested in these parasitic

Meetings will be held on campus at the University of California, Riverside.
Registration costs will be $95 (non-students) and $50 (students). This
includes dinner on Monday evening and lunches. Accommodations will be
available in university dormitories or local hotels.

Symposium Outline

"Introduction and outline of chalcidoid relationships." John Heraty, UC

"Higher classification (taxonomy) of Aphelinidae." Mohammad Hayat, Aligarh
Muslim University, Aligarh, India

"Phylogeny of Aphelinidae." Jim Woolley, Texas A&M University, College
Station, TX

"Systematics of Eretmocerus (Aphelinidae)." Mike Rose, Montana State
University, Bozeman

"Systematics of Encarsia." Andy Polaszek, The Museum of Natural History, London

"Molecular systematics of Encarsia." John Heraty, C.S. Babcock (UC
Riverside), P. DeBarro, F. Driver and S. Schmidt (CSIRO, Canberra,

"Aphelinidae of China." Jian Huang, Fujian Agricultural University, Fujian,
P.R. China

"History of classification of Trichogrammatidae." Gennaro Viggiani,
University of Naples, Naples, Italy

"Species problems in the Trichogrammatidae." John Pinto, UC Riverside

"Molecular systematics of Trichogrammatidae." Richard Stouthamer,
Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands and University of
California, Riverside

"Collecting methods and estimates of chalcidoid diversity." John Noyes, The
Museum of Natural History, England

"Diversity and ecology of the really, really small." Brad Hawkins,
University of California, Irvine

Biological Control
"Biological control of whiteflies." Tom Bellows, University of California,

"Biological control of armored scale." Lisa Forster, University of
California, Riverside

"Biological control with Trichogrammatidae." Sandy Smith, University of
Toronto, Canada

"Biological control using Trichogramma." Nick Mills, University of
California, Berkeley

"Commercial production of parasitic Hymenoptera." Sinthya Penn, Beneficial
Insectary, Redding, CA

"Sex ratio distortion." Richard Stouthamer, Wageningen Agricultural
University and University of California, Riverside

"Sex ratio strategies." Bob Luck, University of California, Riverside

"Competition and biological control with Aphelinidae." Molly Hunter,
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

"Aphelinus - who or what art thou?" Keith Hopper, USDA-ARS, Delaware

"Integration of systematics biological control and behavior." Mike Schauff,
Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Washington, DC


This workshop was initiated and partially sponsored by a National Science
Foundation grant through the Partnerships in Enhancing Expertise in
Taxonomy (PEET) program.

Additional support was made available through the College of Natural and
Agricultural Science (UC Riverside) and the Department of Entomology (UC

Registration limited to 100 participants


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* If excess funds become available, we will try to find money for student
travel. Small grants may also be available from the UCR Entomology Research
Museum for students or specialists willing to curate portions of the
collection for a few days before or after the symposium. For information,
please contact the ERM collection manager, Doug Yanega
(dyanega at pop.ucr.edu).

Please mail registration to:

        Systematics Symposium
        c/o Phyllis Crabtree
        Department of Entomology
        University of California
        Riverside, CA 92521 USA

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