Lectotype rule change

Mick Webb mew at NHM.AC.UK
Wed Jan 17 10:27:31 CST 2001

Dear curators and researchers,
You may or may not be aware of a change in the latest Code with regards
lectotype designations. Article 74.7.3 states that to be valid lectotype
designations after 1999 must "contain an express statement of the taxonomic
purpose of the designation". What constitutes a valid taxonomic purpose in
not stated but a mixed type series would be one such case. I can see that
this change may be overlooked by some people and invalid lectotype
designations made. It might be as well to inform any one you know who might
not know of this change (particularly editors of taxonomic papers!).
Kind regards,
Mick Webb
Mr M.D. Webb,
Department of Entomology
Natural History Museum
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