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I would agree with Alina about papaya. I grew up in Singapore and our
seedling papayas usually bore leaves that match the original photo that was
posted (three-lobed). Perhaps cultigens in different countries have
different seedling leaf shapes.

Also, the patchy yellow-green coloration was a common characteristic I
remember on many papaya leaves, as is the curvature and proportions of the
lobes.  Could the Francesco Porcelli, originator of the question, please
describe the whole plant for us? Were there other plants that look like the
papaya plant posted by Abdul Ghafoor?

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Dear friends:

A colleague of mine visiting MO, Javier Fernandez-Casas (MA),
tells me that if this plant has a gland at the tip of the petiole, it
does not  belong to Jatropha. Many species of the genus
Cnidoscolus (Euphorbiaceae) have white latex and glandules at the
end of
petiole, but they usually have stinging hairs. We think that the
leave is
an inmature one of Carica papaya.

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