more about the "Unknown plant"

Francesco Porcelli porcelli at AGR.UNIBA.IT
Thu Jan 18 11:36:44 CST 2001

>I would agree with Alina about papaya. I grew up in Singapore and our
>seedling papayas usually bore leaves that match the original photo that was
>posted (three-lobed). Perhaps cultigens in different countries have
>different seedling leaf shapes.
>Also, the patchy yellow-green coloration was a common characteristic I
>remember on many papaya leaves, as is the curvature and proportions of the
>lobes.  Could the Francesco Porcelli, originator of the question, please
>describe the whole plant for us? Were there other plants that look like the
>papaya plant posted by Abdul Ghafoor?
>Bian Tan, Plant Collections Manager
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>9th Avenue at Lincoln Way
>San Francisco, CA 94122

Unfortunately the plant was not seen by me, I foreward the question
to the collector...
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