Paper on Histoiry of Keys and Trees

Rich Rabeler rabeler at UMICH.EDU
Fri Jan 19 10:55:07 CST 2001

I'm forwarding this note from Edward G. Voss, author of the paper being
noted on Taxacom.


Richard K. Rabeler
University of Michigan Herbarium

> >From: "Edward G. Voss" <egvoss at>
> >Subject: Paper on History of Keys and Trees
> >
> >My attention has been called to some interest in my old (and somewhat
> >obsolete!) paper on the History of Keys and Trees.  I still have a few
> >reprints left, and if someone is seriously interested in a copy all they
> >have to do is to send me their mailing address and request one.
> >
> >Edward G. Voss
> >University of Michigan Herbarium
> >North University Bldg.
> >Ann Arbor, Michigan  48109-1057, USA
> >

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