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Tue Jan 23 12:22:33 CST 2001

Dear Taxacomers,

1) logically the designation of a lectotype is made when a species is
described after a syntype-series and I never saw anyone, in my field of
research, who did not clearly identified the lectotype with his label(s). "I
choose as lectotype the specimen .... (labels, numbers?...)" should be
enough, as lectotypification implies a type series and no holotype, and the
aim is always the same and unique: to prevent further, eventual ambiguity.
That why I'm also for the suppression of the contested text in ICZN.
2) if anyone thinks a lectotypification is unvalid, he should
deontologically contact the lectotypifier and suggest him to improve his
nomenclatural act; if he does not do that, or if the "guilty" lectotypifier
is dead, he will publish another lectotypification text: IS THERE ONE
TAXONOMIST, making a new, correct lectotypification, WHO WOULD DARE TO
CHOOSE OTHER SPECIMEN (except for serious systematical reason)?
3) when an author makes an obligatory emendation (I say: emendation, here)),
he does not become the author of the emended name (thus, not the author of
the emended genus or species) and the date of the taxon does not change. I
suppose (I dare to suppose!) that the author making a "perfectly valid"
improved lectotypification, choosing the same specimen and just adding some
words in the nomenclatural act, WILL NOT BE THE AUTHOR of the
lectotypification..., and the accepted date of the lectotypification will be
the date of the first designation.

By the way, does anyone think that the French writing taxonomists will use
"binom" instead of the century old "binome"?

I don't care that the "specific name" might be call "specific epithet", like
in botany. Both expressions are imperfect: many specific "names" are not
names, but adjectives, and many "epithets" are not adjectives, but names...

Best regards to everybody.


Paul Dessart,
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Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique,
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