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Hello All,

I am looking for information on the authorship and dates of volume 10
of the Encyclopedie Méthodique... Insectes series published in Paris
in "1825."  Blackwelder stated that this volume was published in two
parts.  Part 1 (pp. 1-344) came out in 1825 and part 2 (pp. 345-832)
came out in 1828.  That seems fairly clear, but the authorship is
more confusing.  According to the title page, volume 10 was authored
by Latreille, LePeletier, Serville, and Guérin.  Many subsequent
authors have attributed the scarab beetle names published in this
volume to just LePeletier and Serville or Serville alone.  There is a
brief introduction in the volume stating how one author started the
project but then got sick and another author took it over (twice).
There is no mention or any other indication of who authored specific
sections or pages.

Without more information I am tempted to default to using the four
listed authors as authors of all the new names in the volume.  There
still is the nagging question of why LePeletier and Serville or just
Serville have been credited with the names in most of the scarab
literature.  Is there some published account of who authored the
"Scarabaeus" and "Trichius" sections that I don't know about?  Any
information would be most appreciated!

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