Encyclopedie Méthodique

er at XS4ALL.NL er at XS4ALL.NL
Tue Jan 23 21:19:50 CST 2001

Quoting Neal Evenhuis <neale at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG>:

> At 11:20 AM -0600 1/23/01, Andrew Smith wrote:
> >Hello All,
> >
> >I am looking for information on the authorship and dates of volume 10
> >of the Encyclopedie Méthodique...
> Hi Andrew,

For what it is worth, I made an extract of my names files,
just a line-based text regex search on "Enc.*M.th\.*10 ",
therefore some lines are truncated; in case it is
useful to you I'll gladly put in the 10-20 minutes
needed to get a set of "correct" entries. just let me know.


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