Centrosema (Fabaceae) taxonomy

Brendan Lepschi B.Lepschi at PI.CSIRO.AU
Thu Jan 25 09:22:00 CST 2001

Dear All,
        A weed specialist collegue  (Andrew Mitchell) is having difficulties
with the identification of a Centrosema in northern Australia.  If there is
anybody who has
experience with this genus who would be able to assist him with this
identification, please contact him directly (email preferred) via the
address below.

Mr. Andrew Mitchell
Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy
Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
C/O NT DPIF, P.O. Box 990, Darwin, NT 0801
Phone  08 89992104
Fax      08 89992037
Email   andrew.mitchell at aqis.gov.au


Brendan Lepschi

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