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I am writing to solicit some advice, insights, or reaction to the following:

As we all know, progress in molecular biology and genomics has been
greatly aided by the ability to exchange information on-line; an area
now known as "BioInformatics."  During the past few years, biologists
working in ecology, biosystematics, and other organismal disciplines
have also begun to exchange on-line information (see for
a developing webpage that serves as a gateway to such sites).  Since,
the molecular biologists have co-opted the BioInformatics term, we
use the term "Biological Informatics" to describe the exchange of
ecological / taxonomic information on line.

Certainly, teaching undergraduate students about such sites and about
how to access and analyze on-line data seems like an important thing
to do.  However, can an argument be made that having such skills will
make students more marketable after graduation?

Does anybody know of any white papers or reports that point to the
need for students to have skills in uncovering on-line information in
organismal biology?  Does anybody have personal knowledge of recent
graduates using Biological Informatics jobs that they got
following graduation?

Any replies would be appreciated.

Ken K.
Kenneth M. Klemow, Ph.D.
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