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>Subject:      Are there job opportunities in Biological Informatics?
>Since the molecular biologists have co-opted the BioInformatics term, we
>use the term "Biological Informatics" to describe the exchange of
>ecological / taxonomic information on line.

Using the term "Biological Informatics" rather than "Bioinformatics" is a bad idea for three reasons:

(1) It creates an "us versus them" mindset which is bound to retard the interdisciplinary collaborations which many of us molecular morphologist types are trying to establish.

(2) Similarly, it could result in a lot of reinventing the wheel or just spinning of wheels. Acknowledging that you're working in the field of Bioinformatics frees you up to take what you can use from the published literature and modify it for your own application.

(3) Last but not least: there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow called Bioinformatics. Jump in and grab a piece for yourself!!


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