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Last year an important book on the ecology and distribution of Carabidae was
Although it deals with the Dutch species and is written in Dutch, it is
still very useful for everybody interested in these beetles. There is a long
English summary explaining the lay-out of species descriptions, and there
are many graphs and maps, including distribution in the Netherlands AND
Europe, graphs of habitats and activity periods.
There are beautiful black & white drawings of about 40 beetles and colour
plates of 80 species, many habitats and some larvae.

The book is supplemented with a cd-rom, including an annotated check-list
with many ecological data (such as data on flight and dispersal) and a
bibliography (by S. de Felici).

Book data:

Hans Turin, 2000. De Nederlandse Loopkevers, verspreiding en oecologie
(Coleoptera: Carabidae). - Nederlandse Fauna 3, Nationaal Natuurhistorisch
Museum Naturalis, KNNV Uitgevery & EIS-Nederland. bound with dust jacket,
29.7 x 23, incl. cd-rom. 666 pages, 16 colour plates. ISBN 90-5011-136-x

Price NLG 135 excl. p&p.
To be ordered from:
KNNV Uitgeverij
P.O. Box 19320
NL-3501 DH Utrecht
The Netherlands
phone +31-30-233 35 44
fax +31-30-236 89 07
e-mail info at <mailto:info at>

Please contact the publishers about the price of postage first: it is a
heavy book!

E-mail author: turin at <mailto:turin at>  (for
further information on the book)

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