One of Many Good Seed References.

Wed Jan 31 06:47:26 CST 2001

I find the Atlas of Seeds a 3 part series based around Northwest-European
plant species. Very useful reference. Great keys with a set of plates. I
found that I can only order this book fom Koeltz books. on the net at (I think).

vol 1: has not been written yet. So, the vol. that you would be looking for
are 2,3,4.
vol 2: Author is Greta Berggren subject Cyperaceae.
vol 3: Author is Greta Berggren subject Salicaceae-Cruciferae
vol 4: Author is Anna-Lena Anderberg subject: Resedaceae-Unbelliferae.

Enjoy! These are a real treat.

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