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Dear Listers,

I am in the process of editing a manuscript in which author "A" names a new
species of snail, and need some advice on a particular nomenclatural
question. Author "B" named several subspecies of species "Aus xus" in the
distant past, including "Aus xus xus", and "Aus xus wus". Author "A", after
material examination, mentions that in his description of subspecies "Aus
xus wus" author "B" treated two different taxa: one represented by the
holotype, another by an illustrated non-type specimen. Additionally, author
"A" defends that the holotype of "Aus xus wus" should not represent as a
separate subspecies, but instead belongs to subspecies "Aus xus xus": "Aus
xus wus" should become a junior synonym of "Aus xus xus". According to
author "A", however, the non-type illustrated specimen of "Aus xus wus"
does not represent a subspecies of "Aus xus", but another species
altogether. Based on these facts, he is giving that specimen a new name. I
could be missing something, but could not find any Article(s) addressing
this type of situation in The Code. It is my gut feeling that author "A" is
right in assuming that the name "Aus wus" cannot be used for the new
species because the specific epithet is tied, via the holotype, to the
synonymy of "Aus xus xus". Any comments or suggestions from the more
ICZN-savvy taxacomers out there?


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