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Wolfgang is correct as it is the original genus that is being keyed by the
parentheses. That is the sole purpose of them - to let the reader know that
the species/subspecies was originally placed under another genus.
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> Dear Taxacomers,
> on 02.07.01, Derek Sikes <ds95002 at uconnvm.uconn.edu> asked:
> >> 4. A species first published in a subgenus that is later elevated to
> genus- e.g. original combination: Silpha (Necrophorus) albus  which later
> becomes Necrophorus albus - does the author's name get put in
> Article 51.3.2 seems to indicate that the author's name does not get put
> parentheses.<<
> And on 03.07.01, Hendrik Segers <Hendrik.Segers at rug.ac.be> answered:
> >Correct, no parentheses here.<
> Is it???
> If yes, I would have to change several thousands of entries in my world
> of Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae :-((
> I re-read Article 51.3. ("Use of Parentheses") and compared it to Art. 51
> of the previous (3rd) Edition of the Code. The contents basically
> unchanged in the new edition.
> The meaning of Article 51.3. is that when a species-group name is
> with a generic name other than the original one, the names of authors of
> species-group name is to be enclosed in parentheses, and 51.3.2. says
> this applies only to changes in the name of the genus and "is not
> by" the presence of a subgeneric name.
> Thus, e.g. (my examples),
> A-us (B-us) albus AUTHOR, when transferred to B-us, should be cited as
> albus (AUTHOR),
> as well as vice versa:
> C-us niger AUTHOR, when transferred to D-us (C-us), should be cited as
> (C-us) niger (AUTHOR), ... IMHO.
> The words "is not affected by", - don't they mean that the ruling is not
> "changed/ set out of effect" by the presence of a subgeneric name, or
just to
> the contrary, that the ruling is "not in effect"?
> Maybe this article was a bit easier to understand in the previous Edition
> the Code (then Art. 51(c) (i))?
> Best wishes,
> Wolfgang Lorenz

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