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Sun Jul 8 19:14:07 CDT 2001

Dear Taxacomers,

Issue No. 5 of SCALE INSECT FORUM  ( ScaleInfo at has been released.  You
are welcome to surf into our web site.

We wish to draw your attention to two items in this issue.

1. Three unpublished papers on the higher classification of Scale
Insects (Coccoidea -Coccinea and Homoptera - Hemiptera).  These have
been first published in THE SCALE (2001) and are also presented in
SCALE INSECT FORUM as a preparation to a discussion to be held at
ISSIS-IX (September 2001, Padua, Italy).

2.  In the Pre Publication Area you will find the manuscript "The On
the term describing the post-embryonic development of Diaspididae
(Rhynchota Coccoidea)"
By Francesco Porcelli.

Because of the not so fast server we suggest some patience attempting
to read the site. Thank you very much

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