Using camera lens as a hand lens

Dave Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Mon Jul 9 10:12:41 CDT 2001

Recently someone gave me an old normal (50mm) SLR camera lens which I
have started using as a wide field, low power, hand lens.  It is a
high quality substitute for the cheap hand lenses I have been using.

I was wondering if other people have experience with this:
How should I set the focus for the optimum image?  I don't see a
difference.  Is there an easy way to calculate what magnification the
optimum image is?  By changing distances I can change the
magnification, but there is there an optimum?  Should I place the
camera mounting bracket towards my eye?

Second hand normal lenses are widely and cheaply available as people
often buy zoom or macro lenses to replace the normal lens the camera
came with.
A wide angle lens will give a higher magnification.

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