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If anyone can help this person, please respond directly to her.

>Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 12:06:13 -0700
>From: Kerry Masterson <qux75 at home.com>
>Subject: plant taxonomy search
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>Dear Sir,
>                  Let me first apologize for intruding by sending you this
>email. I found you address on the Internet and typed it in by hand so that I
>may contact you.
>I have been on a rather long and exhaustive search for a plant, I am in fact
>trying to
>identify an ancient plant so that I may obtain samples of it for modern AIDS
>The plant is known in ancient Hebrew or Greek as;
>E-co-lyptus   OR echolyptus.
>The plant was used in ancient Israel.
>The plant is not eucalyptus
>The plant my also be a root species know in Brazil as ACOES or ECOES, but I
>have been unable to find
>a source for even the modern plant. Moreover, the name might be a common one,
>which is used by and called such only by local inhabitants.
>My thought was to try and tear apart the ancient names a reconstruct the
>plant for the sub-parts of the Greek name.
>I know it's a lot to ask to ask for any assistance in finding this plant, any
>response with good information
>would be most appreciated. Please don't respond if you do not know what the
>plant is.
>Thank you
>Kerry Masterson
>For written replies my mailing address is:
>Kerry Masterson
>1707 Heatherwood Dr,
>Pittsburgh, ca, 94565

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