2002 International Conference on the Fiber Industry and Environmental Biocomplexity

halljoh halljoh at AUBURN.EDU
Wed Jul 11 09:31:38 CDT 2001

Auburn University and Tuskegee University in conjunction with the National
Science Foundation is hosting an international conference on the impact of
industrial activities, primarily the fiber industry, in a highly interrelated
bio-complex world.  Fiber products and processes (e.g., pulp, paper, textile)
exert some of the most profound and irreversible changes on the ecosystem.
Biocomplexity in the environment is one of the fastest growing areas at the
National Science Foundation.

This conference is designed to bring together decision makers, researchers,
industrial leaders and consumers in the area of industrial fiber processing
and environmental issues.  Its goal is to showcase procedures, programs and
projects that bridge the gap between applied research efforts and user
communities, and to stimulate the development of more such projects of this
type.  The conference will also focus on developing a roadmap for research and
technology development in the area of environmental biocomplexity and its
relationship with industrial products and processes.

The events will take place January 27-29, 2002 at the Auburn University Hotel
and Dixon Conference Center.  The web site containing more information is

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