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Author A is correct - from your presentation of the situation. The wus name
can only rest with the holotype. IF that type specimen came from within the
range of xus then it is indeed a junior synonym without question. Any other
type specimens (paratypes or syntypes), regardless of actual subspecific
affinity, are irrelevant. They would be nomen dubium - of doubtful
application in association with the epithet wus.

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> Dear Listers,
> I am in the process of editing a manuscript in which author "A" names a
> species of snail, and need some advice on a particular nomenclatural
> question. Author "B" named several subspecies of species "Aus xus" in the
> distant past, including "Aus xus xus", and "Aus xus wus". Author "A",
> material examination, mentions that in his description of subspecies "Aus
> xus wus" author "B" treated two different taxa: one represented by the
> holotype, another by an illustrated non-type specimen. Additionally,
> "A" defends that the holotype of "Aus xus wus" should not represent as a
> separate subspecies, but instead belongs to subspecies "Aus xus xus":
> xus wus" should become a junior synonym of "Aus xus xus". According to
> author "A", however, the non-type illustrated specimen of "Aus xus wus"
> does not represent a subspecies of "Aus xus", but another species
> altogether. Based on these facts, he is giving that specimen a new name.
> could be missing something, but could not find any Article(s) addressing
> this type of situation in The Code. It is my gut feeling that author "A"
> right in assuming that the name "Aus wus" cannot be used for the new
> species because the specific epithet is tied, via the holotype, to the
> synonymy of "Aus xus xus". Any comments or suggestions from the more
> ICZN-savvy taxacomers out there?
> Cheers,
> José
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