ICBN/ICZN, and common names, too

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Barry and Others,
Don't forget that the American Audubon Society, or whatever its moniker is,
uses common names for all the birds. The names even require the use of
capital letters. This has the wonder action of removing identified
relationships (genus and related species).  For example, for the American
Robin (not American robin), what genus is it, and what other species are in
the genus, and in what family is it?  The students where I teach learn the
common names ONLY.
The new breed of birders doesn't know these things.
Robin Leech
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> Is there really a
> "common-names-are-all-we-need-or-want" faction out
> there, significant enough that Taxacom members need to
> take note of it?
> At the time of the publication of the second editon of
> the American Fisheries Society's "Common and
> Scientific  Names of Aquatic Invertebrates from the
> United States and Canada:  Mollusks," I remarked
> somewhere that the common names might prove to be more
> stable over time than the scientific names.  This is
> because the choice of the AFS common names is vested
> in a committee, whereas the scientific names are based
> on applying the rules of the ICZN.  The code is
> algorithmic (as pointed out by Lindberg, D. 1999. The
> Veliger 42: 194-198), meaning it does not dictate the
> outcome in a particular case, but rather prescribes a
> set of rules which, if followed, guarantee an outcome
> regardless of who is performing the operation.  Both
> systems have their strengths and their applications;
> it is not a one-or-the-other situation.
> Barry Roth
> --- Ron Gatrelle <gatrelle at TILS-TTR.ORG> wrote:
> > No disrespect to the ICBN or others. My accompaning
> > post today is a cross
> > post from a butterfly list serve.  As it had to do
> > with taxonomy I though I
> > would post it here too. SO, "we" can add ICBN to
> > this as an equally
> > challenged system by the
> > common-names-are-all-we-need-or-want crowd among
> > the masses.
> > Ron
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