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At 05:53 PM 7/16/01 +0200, Carmine Colacino wrote:

>I am always surprised (quite naively, at this point) to find out that any
>discussion about 'common names' in the TAXACOM list always refers to
>English common names (I mean, in the English language).

Exactly!  Once you are dealing on a global basis (as this world does
increasingly), common names become even more troublesome.  As evidence of
that, consider how many appeals we field on this list, that run something
like, "I need to know please what is the plant referred to in [insert name
of nation or region here] as [insert vernacular name here]."  Every week or
two we see these.  The unstated assumption is clear: "Common names impede
communication -- what is it REALLY called, please?"

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