Zdenek Skála skala at INCOMA.CZ
Mon Jul 16 18:32:07 CDT 2001

My two cents: the 'common names' are most often not connected to language
but to local/regional communities. Hence, even the English Language Name
need not be accurate enough - even within the Czech Republic regions largely
differ in naming many plant species. Czech taxonomists solved the discussed
problem (in the early 19th century) by introducing Czech names that are
binomials parallel (more or less) to the scientific names but derived
largely from the common names. Hence there are three nomenclatures now: real
common names (serving as communication tool to local people in a given
region, no formalization here), Czech names (no formal rules but stabilized
by tradition - better than the scientific ones, I regret to say - and used
more or less consistently in the floras, school, popular publications etc.)
and scientific names.
Zdenek Skala

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