Collector's Permits for Herbaria?

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Mon Jul 16 11:56:18 CDT 2001

We were told by the USFS that each of us working in the herbarium has to
have a permit, but not the herbarium per se.  I can see the feds wanting
to know where specimens from federal lands are deposited. We have had
someone trying to track down the specimens supporting plants listed in
various sources as growing in Teton NP. It is taking considerable time
and effort. Perhaps the request for the herbarium to have a permit is
really a way to keep track of where the specimens are deposited.  

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From: diana horton [mailto:diana-horton at UIOWA.EDU]
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Subject: Collector's Permits for Herbaria?

Recently, a friend and I found an undocumented population of a federally
listed orchid on an Iowa Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Area.
view of the species federal status, I requested permission from the Iowa
DNR to take a specimen.  The response was that the *herbarium*, as well
the collectors, need a collector's permit.  I am taken aback by the
stipulation that the Herbarium requires a permit and wonder if this is
case in other states.  Obviously, the Herbarium is not doing the
collecting; it is the repository where the collected specimen will be
deposited.  Does this mean that all herbaria must have collector's
if they house any federal or state endangered species?  Does this in
way, indirectly, give a state agency control over collections in the

Diana Horton, Curator
University of Iowa Herbarium

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