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>Jim Croft wrote:
> > There is nothing that contributes to knowledge less than the invention
> of a common or vernacular name.  We have to accept that in many (most?)
> cases common names simply do not exist,

Well, the people of the National Geographic Dutch edition have very
different ideas about that. And I bet my clogs that they know extremely
well what the layman wants.

I was recently approached to provide Dutch names for N American desert
plants, and when I protested there weren't any, of course, that didn't
matter. When I said I then would have to invent them on the spot and didn't
see the scientific value of that at all, they said that didn't matter,
either, NG has a policy that things should be in Dutch entirely. "Will you
then at least put the scientific name between brackets?" I pleaded. No,
that was not NG policy. But this novel idea might be discussed at a future
editor's meeting...

Keep smiling!


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