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Tue Jul 17 09:50:30 CDT 2001

>>>>From: veldkamp [mailto:Veldkamp at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL]
When I said I then would have to invent them on the spot and didn't see the
scientific value of that at all, they said that didn't matter, either, NG
has a policy that things should be in Dutch entirely. "Will you then at
least put the scientific name between brackets?" I pleaded. No, that was not
NG policy. <<<<

Now *this* is an example where translation of scientific name into
vernacular language is very useful!  If you have to make up vernacular names
and there won't be scientific ones accompanying your made-up ones, no-one
will have any idea what species is being referred to.  But if the common
names are translations of the scientific ones, then it'll be possible to
figure that out.

If I remember correctly, Dutch Birding also doesn't use Latin names.  Is
this a Dutch thing?  Since there aren't that many people around the world
that know Dutch names for things, this makes these publications of
diminished value to anyone outside of The Netherlands.

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