TRGP: Actually 1708 accepted Peperomia species names

Guido at Guido at
Thu Jul 19 17:43:01 CDT 2001

An attempt has been made to repertorize all the known  species names of the
genus Peperomia. Although  a great job was already done by the Index
Kewensis and the Gray Herbarium Card Index, both of them dealt with only
part of the published Peperomia taxons. The merging of  these two databases
in the International Plant Name Index was a great initiative but because the
combination hasn't been fully reedited, double (even triple or quadruple)
name mentioning and different spelling of the same taxon is't filtered out
yet. Although synonymy is well treated by w³Tropicos, the integration of
published Peperomia species names into this database is still too

The information stored in the databases mentioned above was meticulously
compared. Doubles were filtered out, errors were corrected, lacking
information was added from recent and historical publications and from some
herbarium sheets. Synonymy treatment is thoroughly integrated and
distribution data (related to countries & herbaria) are added.

As stated  by the Repertory the genus Peperomia actually counts 1708
accepted species names. Also 294 accepted botanical variety and form names
are included (cultivar names are not mentioned). In addition 1021 synonyms,
nomina nuda and otherwise illegitimate names are mentioned. 

The Repertory gives a realistic state of the Peperomia genus at the moment.
Nevertheless I am convinced that some more taxon names could be considered
as synomyms or that some varieties deserve the species status. I appreciate
any taxonomic remark on the matter... 
The TRGP (Taxonomic  Repertory of the Genus Peperomia), may be accessed
through  (choose Repertory in the menu)

Guido Mathieu.

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