Biodiversity Knowledge Management Forum - Towards the Catalogue of Life - Sydney, November 2001

Karen Wilson Karen.Wilson at RBGSYD.NSW.GOV.AU
Fri Jul 20 18:08:07 CDT 2001

Calling all those involved in biodiversity informatics: 
In November 2001, there will be a stimulating collection of workshops and meetings in Sydney at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Australian Museum that should appeal to you. 
This Biodiversity Knowledge Management Forum will concentrate on the building blocks for the 'Catalogue of Life': taxonomic databases for species and specimens, their data standards, interoperability, and availability electronically. Check out the website at for details.

There will be two main public workshops /conferences: 

** An Architecture for the Catalogue of Life -  7-8 November 2001   

** Biodiversity Information Networking: Sharing the Knowledge  (the TDWG 2001 conference) -  9-11 November 2001

The 'Catalogue of Life' workshop, organised by Species 2000,  its Species 2000 Asia-Oceania secretariat and ITIS will be an informal discussion of: 
- how the Catalogue of Life might be produced as a biological community-wide program (analogous to the Human Genome project) to provide the Catalogue of Names wanted by the intergovernmental Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), - what relevant projects already exist
- how these might all cooperate and 
- how this might also interact with the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI). 
This workshop is open to projects and specialists interested in contributing to the 'Catalogue of Life' programme. Participants need to register since numbers will be limited to 90 - a form will be available on the website next week.

Associated meetings of a range of international projects will be held: 
**Species 2000: Team meeting -  5-6 November	
             Taxonomy Group meeting  -  4 November
**International Organization for Plant Information (IOPI): Global Plant Checklist Committee  - 11-12 November
        Species Plantarum Project Committee -  13-15 November
        IOPI Council meeting  -  12 November
        IOPI annual general meeting  -  12 November
**CODATA /TDWG Working Group on Biological Collection Data Access -  5-6 November

There will also be several Australian biodiversity committee meetings: 
**Council of Heads of Australian Fauna Collections -  7 November
**Australian Herbarium Information Systems Committee  -  11-12 November 
**On-line Zoological Collections of Australian Museums, the zoological equivalent of HISCOM  -  11-12 November

This suite of meetings will bring together a wide variety of biologists, computer scientists and biodiversity projects from around the world - we look forward to seeing you here! 
Check the website for further details and registration forms. Note that the committee meetings are generally open only to members and, in some cases, to invited observers  - check with the convener of a committee if you would be interested to attend as an invited observer. 

Karen Wilson 
Vice-Chair Species 2000
Chair IOPI Global Plant Checklist Committee

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