One origin? (viral evolution)

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> Snakes are tetrapods, even though they have no legs, because they are
> members of the tetrapod clade, descended from the first tetrapods.
> Likewise, eukaryotes are a clade, and eubacteria may be a clade (although
> know that Ken disagrees), but "prokaryotes" are a grade.
Being alone in this world :-(  in several aspects of my philosophizing, I
am use to not being taken too seriously on occasion. I don't take myself
too seriously on occasion either. A couple more sayings I like are these.
The only dumb questions are those not asked. True faith does not close the
mind it opens it (this one is original with me). There are none so blind as
those who will not see. The problem with communication is that people think
it occurred.

It is of interest to - me - that the "snake" of Genesis is said to have
once had legs. All my religious pals (both of them) view Genesis all wrong.
In the grossly brief and diluted information of the first two chapters -
its almost fairy tale presentation - there are tremendous clues to origins
for those who have eyes to see. "The earth brought forth..." Ah, yes, IT
did indeed - and still is. How ironic that it is largely the non-religious
who are trying to figure out how.
Cheers (and blessings)

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