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Mon Jul 23 09:18:59 CDT 2001

Thomas Lammers


>Now, you know that page position within a work has nothing to do with
>priority!  If you have multiple names of equal priority, you must follow
>the choice of whomever first synonymized them, in an effectively published

Question from the p-nut gallery of taxonomy:  Would the mammal lists, such
as Honacki et al.'s or  Reeder and Wilson's Mammals of the World, be
considered an "effectively published venue" for synomizing previously
separately named species with equal priority?  They provide no species
descriptions or revisions but synomized many long-established names without
providing justification, relegating former species to subspecific status.
Now, many are using their recommended designations and citing them as the
authority.  It was my understanding that changing a species name requires
publication of a revision/justification, so I am curious whether or not such
lists are considered "official" publication of a new designation.

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