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Wed Jul 25 18:10:58 CDT 2001

I think this is my 4th post of the day so after this I am banned till
tomorrow. Let's look at the below statment and consider it hypothetically

>If you are the donor, you have  to get the appraisal, and that cannot
--CANNOT--be from anyone connected with the museum you are
donating to. The museum can and should provide you with documents
 attesting that you provided the following value of the
 collection at the time of donation, but they can't verify that value
 through appraisal.


There is nothing here to prevent (i.e. a possible conflict of interest) an
institution from employing the State of Florida's value/chart for insects.
This is totally independent of said institution and is as good of an
"appraisal" and "appraising agent" as one can find.

Perhaps what is needed is better corporate leadership and ingenuity. I also
incorporated and operated a highly lucrative and successful dental
prosthetics lab for several years till I changed careers and when into the
Pastorate. So here is my  suggestion.

"Thank you Ms. Worth for your donation of 20 Xes lesses to Whatsamatta U.
According to the independent value scale employed by the State of Florida's
Collection of Arthropods, the scientific value of these specimens is $200
(as itemized on the accompanying form). If you think your donation is worth
more than this, for IRS purposes, you may seek another appraisal yourself.
Whatsamatta U has provided this information solely as a service to you our
valued supporter. The actual amount allowed by the IRS may vary and we
encourage you to consult you tax preparer for a final decision on the
amount claimed on your individual return."  Other flowers hugs and kisses
can be added.

Where there is a will there is a way. Nothing is wrong, illegal, unethical,
etc. with the above.  Do it and you will get a lot more specimens donated.

Ron Gatrelle

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