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James A Macklin macklin at ACNATSCI.ORG
Thu Jul 26 15:26:55 CDT 2001

Dear Colleagues,

We are in the process of writing a proposal to the National Sciences
Foundation (NSF) through the Biological Resources Collections (BRC)
grant to upgrade the storage environment of our collection. The grant
application requires you to accumulate some statistics on the use of the
herbarium. We need your help to accomplish one of these statistics. We
are required to record the number of publications generated in the past
five years based on specimens from our collection.  If you have
published such a paper and I have not written you personally a reply
would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you could spread the word to
others at your institution that would be great, as we are sure to miss
some authors.

Please reply directly to herbarium at and not the list.

Your time is greatly appreciated. Happy botanizing.


James Macklin Ph. D.
Collections Manager, Botany
Biodiversity Group
The Academy of Natural Sciences
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Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195
Phone: (215) 405-5088
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