Milium effusum, new call for help

Torbjörn Tyler Torbjorn.Tyler at SYSBOT.LU.SE
Fri Jul 27 08:25:12 CDT 2001

Dear colleagues,

how is it possible that there is no single botanist attached to this mailinglist that can give me any advise on how to get seed matarial of Milium effusum from North America? A little more than a week ago I sent out a message asking for someone who could collect some seeds from one or more natural population(s) of this species in North America but this far I have only got one reply - from a very friendly botanist in Slovenia who offered me material of an overlooked subspecies from the eastern European Alps!

I am working with geographic patterns of genetic variation in various boreal woodland understorey herbs, although mainly concentrating on western Eurasia I always try to get at least some samples from throughout the distribution of the species concerned, and material from such outpost localites often produce very interesting results and perspectives. Milium effusum is my main concern at present and I am trying to collect living material (preferably seeds) from as many native localities as possible of this species. However, I still lack material from its transatlantic distribution in north-eastern USA and adjacent parts of Canada, as well as from Japan, and I would still appriciate more material from most other parts of the world as well.

Thus, If you have any possibility to collect some seeds (bulk population-samples) of this species from anywhere in the world, and in particular from North America or Japan, I would be very grateful and you would surely make an important contribution to the knowledge of the pattern of variation, the taxonomic status of the various subspecies described and the historic biogeography of this species.

Any kind of help is greatly appreciated!

Yours kindly
Torbjoern Tyler


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