Mesquite 0.98 software available

Wayne Maddison wmaddisn at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Jul 27 05:35:00 CDT 2001

Mesquite 0.98 has been posted at, with source
code for the basic system (core libraries and basic modules).  Mesquite is
an open source, modular system for evolutionary analyses concerning
phylogeny, character evolution, molecular evolution, coalescence,
morphometrics and other topics.  Mesquite runs on Windows, the Mac OS, and

Although the calculations are not yet thoroughly-enough checked to be used
for published results, we encourage you to try it out.  We especially
encourage Mesquite's use in courses (it is interactive and graphical).  The
downloads include many example files, some of which would be a suitable
basis for demonstrations and laboratories in courses.

A number of people have asked when the public version of Mesquite would
support the features described by David in his address at the Evolution
(SSB/SSE/ASN) meetings this summer.  This version includes almost all of
those tools.  It has simulations of DNA evolution using various models
(e.g., with GTR rate matrices and lineage-specific compositional bias);
different models can be applied to different sites. However, the interface
for these tools is not yet well developed (they are difficult to use), and
a number of desired features are absent.  We hope to get a more complete
package for parametric bootstrapping available within a month or two.

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