Royal pain in the ass

Susan B. Farmer sfarmer at GOLDSWORD.COM
Fri Jul 27 13:56:32 CDT 2001

>On 7/27/01 1:14 PM, "Susan B. Farmer" <sfarmer at GOLDSWORD.COM> wrote:
>> Not only is replying to the list a problem, but I've just gotten
>> 4 "out of the office" and one "bounce" message due to the last
>> post.  This sort of reply should go to the list owner, not the
>> sender.
>And that's another thing--these people who set up "out of the office"
>messages but don't either unsubscribe or set "no mail" on their discussion
>Actually taxacom's settings work to our advantage in this case.  "Out of the
>office" messages that reach a whole list can set up reverberations that
>rapidly fill your box (each "out of the office" that goes to a list also
>goes to the person who sent the original message, thus triggering another
>one).  I haven't had this happen in a few years, so I suspect that most
>servers have a way of filtering such messages.....?

That is true.  I hadn't considered the flood of "Im not here"messages
generated recursively.  :-(  But, yeah, for a list -- they can unsibscribe
it's easy.


re: species ...

And let's not forget the excitememt generated by foot-long earthworms
in the Smokies through the ATBI.  Are you working with 'pedes for that

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