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Fri Jul 27 13:32:58 CDT 2001


I would like to share with you the leading headline on the front page of
this morning's Honolulu Star Bulletin:

"BOE [Board of Education] Panel Opens Door to Teaching Creationism"

A version of the article is at:

Click on the "Late Breaking" icon near the top list.

Some of the more disturbing excerpts:

"The move came after board member Denise Matsumoto complained that proposed
state performance standards for science...presented Charles Darwin's theory
of evolution as fact rather than opinion."

When board memebr Karen Knudsen asked Matsumoto what she meant when she
referred to "both" theories of origin:

"Matsumoto replied, 'The other theory is creationism. They're both theories.
They both have scientific data that go with them."

"'Evolution' is often times confused with 'adaptation,' Matsumoto argued.
'So many times in our textbooks and our science classes, adaptation gets
replaced with the word evolution,' she said. 'Adaptation is a change within
a species to adapt to their survival rather than evolution, which is
changing from one species to another species such as ape to man. Matsumoto
suggested that such changes between species are not possible."

When I told my wife (also an evolutionary biologist) about this, she
responded "Not in my backyard!"  We'll be drafting a letter this evening.  I
encourage others on this list to consider doing the same.


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