Not just in Kansas, Anymore....

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Fri Jul 27 22:09:27 CDT 2001

>Some of the more disturbing excerpts:
>"The move came after board member Denise Matsumoto complained that proposed
>state performance standards for science...presented Charles Darwin's theory
>of evolution as fact rather than opinion."
>When board memebr Karen Knudsen asked Matsumoto what she meant when she
>referred to "both" theories of origin:
>"Matsumoto replied, 'The other theory is creationism. They're both theories.
>They both have scientific data that go with them."

So what's so disturbing about all this? It seems to me that the way evolution
is taught purely as a theory or explanation rather than a methodology
almost begs
for this kind of approach by its opponents.

>"'Evolution' is often times confused with 'adaptation,' Matsumoto argued.
>'So many times in our textbooks and our science classes, adaptation gets
>replaced with the word evolution,' she said. 'Adaptation is a change within
>a species to adapt to their survival rather than evolution, which is
>changing from one species to another species such as ape to man. Matsumoto
>suggested that such changes between species are not possible."

See how the discussion is bogged down in theory rather than methodology.

John Grehan

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