Not just in Kansas, Anymore....

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Sat Jul 28 08:13:34 CDT 2001

>What's particularly disturbing to us here in Hawaii, one of the "hot-spots"
>of evolutionary research, is this wholly unexpected move by our DOE.

Given the cultural context of the debate in the US I fail to see how it
is 'unexpected.'

>Along these lines ("theory", etc.), in my draft testimonial to the Hawaii
>BOE, I state that the concept of "Evolution" (change in the structure or
>behavior of organisms over multiple generations) is actually a scientific
>*fact*, as it has been directly observed on small scales repeatedly, and
>indirectly observed on large scales through the fossil record.

More of the fact vs theory hasn't worked in the past so why should it in the
future? It also pits evolution as a kind of theology of the truth of the world
rather than a pathway of investigation.

>I further
>maintain that Natural Selection is the leading "Theory" to explain how the
>fact of biological evolution has led to a broad diversity of organisms that
>appear to be adapted to the environments in which they live.

Leading theory - read most popular.

>I further maintain in my draft testimonial that, in fact, the theory of
>evolution by natural selection does *not* relate to the "origin" of life;
>but rather to an explanation of the *diversity* of life.  From my
>understanding, there is no extremely well-supported theory for the actual
>*origin* of life; only some interesting hypotheses supported in part by some
>compelling experiments.

Again more obscure philosophical theory.

John Grehan

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