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At 04:45 AM 7/28/01, Richard Pyle wrote:
>Along these lines ("theory", etc.), in my draft testimonial to the Hawaii
>BOE, I state that the concept of "Evolution" (change in the structure or
>behavior of organisms over multiple generations) is actually a scientific
>*fact*, as it has been directly observed on small scales repeatedly, and
>indirectly observed on large scales through the fossil record. I further
>maintain that Natural Selection is the leading "Theory" to explain how the
>fact of biological evolution has led to a broad diversity of organisms that
>appear to be adapted to the environments in which they live.

I think it is important to go on the offensive: If species are separately
created, a key element in the study of biology is to determine what were
the originally created species, and thus be able to address the question of
which similarities in modern organisms are the result of descent and which
are the result of design. Modern "creation science" has no research program
to address this seemingly fundamental question, despite the fact that such
research programs were the norm two centuries ago. In fact, modern
creationists often disagree about the limits of originally created species,
but without providing scientific evidence to back up their claims.

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