Not just in Kansas, Anymore....

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Sat Jul 28 13:48:42 CDT 2001

Ron's comments (not repeated here) contain qualified statements - the
creationist "should" respond yes, etc.  By whose definition of what the
Bible says is yes the correct answer?

The larger issue here is that creationism, and creationist accounts of
origins, fail any and every test by which we determine something to be in
the realm of the natural sciences.  Using this logic, we should have
geographers presenting flat earth ideas as examples of counter points-of-
view (I know, someone on this list used this example this past
spring).  Simply put, there is no justification for presenting creationism
(in any guise) in a science classroom, EXCEPT in the context of
exposing it as the myth that it is.

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