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> I think it is important to go on the offensive: If species are separately
> created, a key element in the study of biology is to determine what were
> the originally created species, and thus be able to address the
> question of
> which similarities in modern organisms are the result of descent and which
> are the result of design.

I agree wholeheartedly!  I guess my question is: would the particular study
of biology that addresses the question of original life origins, be uncluded
within the scope of what we regard as "evolutionary biology".  In one sense,
it perhaps ought to be, because one could argue that the precursors to life
underwent natural selection (of sorts) during the process that bridged
non-life with life. On the other hand, this might just represent an issue of
semantics as to how one defines the meaning of the word "life" in biology.
My personal feeling is that evolution, natural selection, and other
associated *scientific* theories are all processes that *act* upon existing
life; not generate life from non-life.

Thanks for the feedback!


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