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Incidentally, the story was covered in both local newspapers yesterday, and
agin in the Star Bulletin today.  Pertinent web links, for those interested,

1. Original story in Firday's Honolulu Star Bulletin (the headline had
changed for the afternoon edition of the story, but the content of the
article appears to be the same):


"'Evolution' is often times confused with 'adaptation,' Matsumoto argued.
'So many times in our textbooks and our science classes, adaptation gets
replaced with the word evolution,' she said. 'Adaptation is a change within
a species to adapt to their survival rather than evolution, which is
changing from one species to another species such as ape to man.' Matsumoto
suggested that such changes between species are not possible."

2. Follow-up article in the Star Bulletin on Saturday:


"The language was changed after committee Chairwoman Denise Matsumoto voiced
concern over evolution -- which she argued was opinion -- being the only
'theory' listed. She argued that creationism is also theory supported by
science. That opinion is backed by organizations such as the Institute for
Creation Research. 'The phenomenon of biological life did not develop by
natural processes from inanimate systems but was specially and
supernaturally created by the Creator,' states the group's Web site,"

3. "Quotables" section in Saturday's Editorial section:


"They're both theories. They both have scientific data that go with them."
- Denise Matsumoto, Discussing whether creationism should be taught in
Hawaii public school science classes along with Charles Darwin's theory of

4. Article in Saturday's Honolulu Advertiser newspaper:


"'My concern was that we were teaching this as a fact and not as a theory,'
Matsumoto said. 'Evolution hasn't been validated by any concrete evidence.'"

5. Editorial in Sunday's Star Bulletin:


"The committee replaced language that described 'biological evolution' to
read 'the basic idea of the multiple theories of origin' because, Matsumoto
contended, 'evolution' is an incorrect term that is often confused with
'adaptation.' She argued that 'evolution' reflects the idea that one species
can change into another, such as ape to man, which she argued is not
possible, while adaptation reflects change within a species."

6. Letters to the Editor, in Sunday's Star Bulletin:

My letter made it, but they sort of butchered it.  Becky Cann's is much
better, I think.

I'm off to a meeting tonight, but will report back to this list any major


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