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At 09:27 PM 7/29/01, Richard Pyle wrote:

>"'Evolution' is often times confused with 'adaptation,' Matsumoto argued.
>'So many times in our textbooks and our science classes, adaptation gets
>replaced with the word evolution,' she said. 'Adaptation is a change within
>a species to adapt to their survival rather than evolution, which is
>changing from one species to another species such as ape to man.' Matsumoto
>suggested that such changes between species are not possible."
>She argued that 'evolution' reflects the idea that one species
>can change into another, such as ape to man, which she argued is not
>possible, while adaptation reflects change within a species."

This is a misuse, *from an orthodox creationist standpoint*, of the word
"adaptation". The creationist literature, old and modern, is replete with
explanations of adaptation as the features that the Creator gave to
individual species to suit them for their habitats. And as Gould has
pointed out, adaptation is not an argument for evolution--the natural
theologians of two centuries ago looked to adaptation as specific evidence
of special creation. There is even one creationist view that
"microevolution" results in *decreased* adaptation, since God made each
species originally perfect.

This might be useful if you get the opportunity for "cross-examination".

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