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>At 09:27 PM 7/29/01, Richard Pyle wrote:
>>"'Evolution' is often times confused with 'adaptation,' Matsumoto argued.
>>'So many times in our textbooks and our science classes, adaptation gets
>>replaced with the word evolution,' she said. 'Adaptation is a change within
>>a species to adapt to their survival rather than evolution, which is
>>changing from one species to another species such as ape to man.' Matsumoto
>>suggested that such changes between species are not possible."
>>She argued that 'evolution' reflects the idea that one species
>>can change into another, such as ape to man, which she argued is not
>>possible, while adaptation reflects change within a species."

Turning the Matsumoto argument around, I would say that the fact that the
boundaries between species are often so hard to define is actually rather
convincing evidence that evolution is occurring.

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