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Dear List members,

Recently families Amaranthaceae and Chenopodiaceae have been merged and the name accepted is Amaranthaceae, which was first described by Adanson, Fam. Pl. 2: 266. Jul.-Aug. 1763 (Amaranthi). 

Long ago, in the year 1835, Burnett described the family Betaceae in Outl. Bot.: 591, 1091, 1142. Jun. 1835. Burnett's concept of Betaceae included both the present day Amaranthaceae s. str. and Chenopodiaceae. 

My question to the listmember, especially those interested in nomenclature, is :

Why Betaceae (1835) should not be adopted for the family comprising both Amaranthaceae Adans. s. str.(1763) and Chenopodiaceae Vent. (1799).

Thanks and appreciation for the anticipated replies.

Abdul Ghafoor 
Scientific Research Specialist,
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Saudi Arabia 
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