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Mon Jul 30 15:50:46 CDT 2001

Darren Loomis wrote....

> > Should we include in the classes the creation "theories" of all
religions and
> > peoples?  Or in this case is only the Bible version the only correct
> Darren Loomis
> Christopher Newport University

This is a very good point and I am glad someone finally brought it up.
Since I am part of the "christian religion" I , naturally, would refer to
"our" account. And, it is also a point of fact that it is the christian
element (perhaps some Jewish and Moslem groups too) that is pushing the
agenda of "creation science" in the US public schools.

This is a point I have been tryin' to make - and one that needs to be made
clearly to the School Boards - 1) who the heck is going to be teaching
these classes, 2) by what standard of qualification and 3) as accomplished
by what or who's God, god, gods, forces, etc.  They want to put our kids on
a rocket and send them to the Moon - great!  But, what idiot is going to
fly them there and what papier-mâché vehicle are they going to be thrust
there in?  Dah, ah ah huh? is not the answer I want to hear.  I think if
all the other associated issues where brought to the public's attention -
they would not be for "creation science" being taught in public schools any
more than this fundamental preacher is!

Whose Theory of Creation in deed - and whose stinkin' god! One man's God is
another man's heresy.

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