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Deborah A Lewis dlewis at IASTATE.EDU
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Hello, all,

Here are the comments of one of our graduate students who is exploring the
boundaries between Amaranthaceae and Chenopodiaceae...

Deb Lewis

> > Deb Lewis forwarded me your Amaranthaceae discussion.
> >
> > I have been working on the Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae for my PhD
> at Iowa
> > State University.  The new Plant Systematics by Judd et al. text book
> collapses
> > the families into one.
> >
> > Recent molecular work of the Caryophyllales (ORF 2280 Downie et al. and
> rbcL
> > Manhart and Wilson) strongly suggest that the Chen-Ams are a single
> monophyletic
> > lineage, but suggest that the Chenopodiaceae may be paraphyletic or the
> > Amaranthaceae may be polyphyletic.  Most other researchers familiar
> with the
> > families (emails provided on request) agree that the families will
> probably be
> > reduced to one.  However, since the exact relationships of the families
> have not
> > been worked out, it is probably a bit premature to start dismantling
> the old
> > taxonomy.
> >
> > I will be presenting some preliminary (ndhF gene) results on the
> Chen-Ams at
> > Albuquerque.  Since I am not on the TAXACOM list serve you will need to
> contact me at my personal account if you like any further info.
> >
> > Don Pratt
> > dbp at iastate.edu
> >

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 > How well accepted is this merger? This is a outside my main area of
 > interest and I see the general similarity but it is a little surprising.
 > don't think I've ever mixed them up in the field.
 > Phil Bunch

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