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Wed Jun 6 07:53:47 CDT 2001


Sorry to cross post:

Phillip Russell, our grad student who works in the bugcloset, asks me to
send the above item. We need a laser printer (yesterday!!! :) )... One
that I can afford (500.00 or less - comes out of mine own pocket not that
of the u) that will run on an old Power Mac  1500/150, and work the
Bio-Rip EntoPrint program for labels that are 4 or 5 point.

Please respond to us here in the new temporary bug closet quarters, or
direct to Phillip at:    Pjruss73 at

Thank you for all your help and consideration.  Cheers.  rof
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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 22:25:58 EDT
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Subject: laser printer

Can you please send this on to the listserve community out there?

For those that use laser printers to generate insect labels,  what type of
printer do you use?  We have an old Mac and are looking for one to hook up to
that.  We also will use EntoPrint to do up our labels.  Any suggestions on

Phillip Russell
University of Central Florida
Department of Biology
Bug Closet/UCF Collection of Arthropods
P.O. Box 162368
Orlando, Florida  32816-2368

Phone (407) 823-6540

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