MacTaxon lite; iMap for Mac OS X

Steven Dessein steven.dessein at BIO.KULEUVEN.AC.BE
Wed Jun 6 17:51:35 CDT 2001

Dear Taxacom members,

Today, we posted MacTaxon lite on our web site. It is a small, free database
application that allows you to prepare iMap compatible files from localities
or collections with one single click. The software comes with a short manual
only, and many features are to be discovered by the user. However, all
functions are very intuitive and easy to learn. Check out at:

Within a few weeks, we will release MacTaxon, a real biodiversity
information management system for the Plant Systematist with full support.

Check also for the Mac OS X version of iMap (mapping program) on our web
site, it is available for download right now!

At the moment all these programs are Mac only, but we are working hard on
the Windows versions as well.

We deeply appreciate all comments and remarks.

With kind regards,

Steven Dessein
& Peter Schols

Steven Dessein
Laboratory of Plant Systematics
Institute of Botany and Microbiology
Kasteelpark Arenberg 31
B-3001 Leuven

tel. ++ 32 16 321536
fax. ++ 32 16 321968

e-mail: steven.dessein at

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