Bignoniaceae, Pedaliaceae, and other alpha-taxonomic methodology reprints available

Thu Jun 7 15:57:27 CDT 2001


As part of the Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States project, I
published the following paper:

The Genera of Bignoniaceae in the Southeastern United States.  Harvard
Papers in Botany 5: 1-77.  I still have some reprints left and would be
glad to send them, while supplies last, to anyone interested. Despite the
title, it is largely a worldwide literature review of the Bignoniaceae and
the genera Amphitecna, Bignonia, Campsis, Catalpa, Macfadyena, and Tecoma,
all of which do occur, but are not necessarily centered, in the
southeastern U.S.

In the event of an unexpected rush of demand, I will be inclined to give
preference to individuals or institutions not routinely receiving "Harvard
Papers in Botany".

I also have a few reprints of an earlier paper, The Genera of Pedaliaceae
of the United States, a similar globally oriented treatment of that family
and the genera Sesamum and Ceratotheca, which was published in the Journal
of the Arnold Arboretum Supplementary Series Volume 1 (1991).  These
reprints are available on a similar basis but you would get the whole
volume which also includes treatments of Boraginaceae, Paniceae (Gramineae:
Panicoideae), Piperaceae, and Zamiaceae in the Southeastern U.S., again
with worldwide literature reviews.

Finally, reprints are available of the following paper concerning aspects
of alpha taxonomy that might be useful working with tropical and other
species for which there aren't a lot of specimens available:

   Intraspecific Variation in Pavetta rigida (Rubiaceae): Estimates of
Reliability of Taxonomic Information.
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 78: 535-538.  1990.

You can request reprints either to my email address above or writing to me
at Department of Biology, Arkansas State University - Beebe, P. O. Box
1000, Beebe, Arkansas 72012-1000.

Steve Manning

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